Humanitarian Aid

One of the developing programs at Survivor was to develop our food product to accommodate the needs of people under extreme needs.

To accommodate on this program, we have developed two different food programs.
(Both packages look alike, but are different!)

(Used for Emergency Situations)

(Used for Long Term Feeding)


Protein Level - 3 grams
moderate carbohydrate

Important in low water availability
Non-astringent. No water required ingestion
5-year shelf life
Heavy vitamin package

Higher needed protein
(15 grams approx protein)

Used for long-term
Protein levels needed for growth
5-year shelf life
Temperature toleration:
-40°F to 300°F
Add hot water to create a porridge. Add additional fruit for variety.

Mainstay™ food has met requirements and has been approved
under USAID PL 480 Title II Programs.   

Mainstay™products have been approved as a military ration.
Mainstay™can be purchased by individuals, dealers, and distributors.